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The goods ordered from are delivered by courier Speedy, Econt to the address specified by you in your order or to the courier's office, by selecting the desired office from the drop-down menu of the respective courier

We reserve the right, in case we consider that the provided delivery data are incomplete or inaccurate, to contact you by phone to confirm your order and all delivery details.


For orders over BGN 80.00 with VAT, your delivery to Bulgaria is FREE with the courier company SPEEDY!

For orders over BGN 80.00 with VAT, with the courier company ECONT, the amount of the courier service / delivery is paid by the CLIENT.

For deliveries of purchases for less than BGN 80.00 with VAT, a delivery fee and cash on delivery are paid, automatically calculated by our system.

Prices for deliveries outside Bulgaria are calculated in the Cart at the time of ordering, and are sent in the automatic email to confirm the order. They are subject to additional confirmation with you by phone or email. In other words, if you order goods for delivery outside Bulgaria before we accept your order, we will contact you to confirm your order, as well as the price and delivery time of your shipment.


In most cases, you can count on delivery between 24 and 36 hours of your order , but we draw your attention to the fact that the deadlines always depend on the schedules and workload of the courier company at the moment.

Orders placed before 2 pm on a business day are usually delivered on the next business day or at the latest and, less frequently, on the next business day.

For orders placed on Friday before 14:00, delivery is possible on Saturday before noon at an additional cost - choose the option for a fixed time and date. Please confirm this to the employee handling your order

Orders placed on Friday afternoons and weekends are usually delivered on Tuesdays.

In the periods when there are national holidays, the rule is that orders placed before 14.00 on a working day are delivered on the next working day or at the latest and less often on the next working day.

IMPORTANT! The deadline for delivery of orders for which you have indicated that you will pay by bank transfer begins to run from the moment of receipt of your payment to our account.

For your information, in Bulgaria payments are processed as follows:

(1) Payment, issued on a working day by electronic banking or at a counter in a bank under the BISERA system until 17.00, shall be processed by the recipient's bank on the next working day;

(2) Payment issued on a business day by electronic banking or at a bank counter until 2.30 pm under the RINGS system (or the so-called urgent transfer) shall be processed by the recipient's bank on the same business day within one business day. time;

(3) Payment disbursed on a business day by electronic banking or at a counter in a bank under the BISERA system after 5 pm or on weekends / holidays shall be considered disbursed on the next business day, respectively shall be processed by the bank of the recipient of the next working day.

By bank transfer - the data you need for payment will be provided before the completion of your order. Preparation and delivery of your order will begin after receipt of payment.

Please note that in certain cases (end of business day, non-working days, holidays), the receipt of your payment on our account may take time, which may significantly extend the delivery time.

(3) Right of inspection - Check before you pay

All shipments are sent with the "Check before you pay" service and the courier is obliged to wait for you to check the condition of the packaging and the device. The inspection is limited to an examination of the appearance of the shipment and it is not possible to include and test the product. -

IMPORTANT! is not responsible for damaged shipments that are not announced in the presence of a courier.

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