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Payment methods

Payment for purchased goods and services

When paying in cash for the ordered goods and services, the consumer is obliged to pay at the time of delivery to Top Troniks Ltd. or its representative performing the delivery, the full value of the delivered order. In the event that within fourteen days from the date of delivery, the consumer partially or completely abandons the purchased goods, Top Troniks Ltd. undertakes to refund partially or fully the amount deposited. In case the consumer does not give up the purchased goods or services, Top Troniks Ltd. automatically accepts the amount as payment for the ordered goods or services.

All prices listed on the site are in Bulgarian levs with VAT included.

Payment methods

1. Postal money order / Payment on delivery / The consumer pays the amount to the courier, after payment receives a receipt from the courier, which is attached to the warranty of the purchased goods. This document serves to certify the date and place of the purchased goods. Please ask the courier who delivered the goods for you, the receipt / fiscal receipt / for the amount you paid!

We confirm the order by phone before sending it. If you have given an incorrect number or we are unable to contact you, your order may not be satisfied.

2. Bank transfer The payment of the due price of the goods and the delivery costs by the customer or by a third party on his behalf shall be made in advance by bank transfer. The order will be executed after receiving the amount / payment order and date / - value of the goods and value of the courier service. When delivering the goods you do not owe anything to the courier.

Data for bank transfer:

Bank name:  Pro Credit Bank EAD
Name of beneficiary: ELEKOM-BALGARIYA, with UIC: 204677165
IBAN: BG74PRCB92301051797901
UIC: 204677165

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